TAHAP - a new platform to promote Tanzanian archives

The project ?Safeguarding, Preservation and Promotion of the Heritage Archives of Tanzania” or Tanzania Heritage Archives Project (TAHAP) aims at strengthening the preservation and promotion of Tanzania’s heritage archives, with a particular focus on the larger African Liberation Heritage due to Tanzania’s contribution to Liberation movements in different countries.

The project, managed by UNESCO and funded by the European Union, is an unprecedented attempt to identify the content of Tanzanian heritage, which is not fully accessible and hence, little known. The identification of archives is the first condition of their preservation, and the project addresses both the issues of preservation (with a commitment to enhance national capacities) and awareness raising regarding the importance of this heritage as a key component of the country’s historical memory, culture and identity.

This website was designed to promote and serve the objectives of the project It provides updated information on the latest initiatives aiming at protecting or promoting heritage archives in Tanzania. It will highlight some of the archives that were identified or protected through this project It will also facilitate access to events, conferences and discussions for those who would like to know more on the preservation and protection of heritage archives in Tanzania

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This project is co-funded by the European Union